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The initial recordings of the Railway Series books worked very well, and when the opportunity arose to do more, it was found that Johnny Morris wouldn't be available.  Instead, Willie Rushton took over the recordings.
However, unlike Johnny, Willie confessed that his voice range was far more limited and would probably only be able to do around five or six voices for the characters at hand, and felt initially perturbed by the Reverend's presence in the recordings.  His anxt was soon resolved when Willie set to work, recording the volumes in the "fruitest of tones" and raising a bit of a chuckle with the Reverend, who he described as a "sweetie".
Willie also recorded adaptations of Asterix books and Alice in Wonderland, he was also highly acclaimed storyteller for children's television series Jackanory.  Willie was also recognised as a very talented artist, comedian and also lended his vocal talents to another memorable children's series - Trap Door.  Willie died in December 1996.

Willie Rushton

Railway Stories Volumes 9 to 26

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