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Prototype Toys

The following amazing products were designed and prototyped by SONOS Product Development for THQ (Toy Headquarters) in late 1992, but to our loss, never made it to retail. In addition to these Shining Time Station products, SONOS also designed several toys for the Thomas the Tank Engine range (some are found under the THQ brand on this page).

Shining Time Station Juke Box Band

This toy featured "records" with pins that were inserted into the toy to play a tune (song list wasn't documented). The band figures were all animated: Didi's arms moved to play the drums, Tito rocked back and forth as he played the piano, while Rex & Tex strummed the guitar. Images of the concept sketch and prototype are included below.


SONOS' Juke Box Concept Sketch - courtesy Carl Tenbrink


SONOS' Juke Box toy prototype - photo courtesy Carl Tenbrink

Shining Time Station Band Rolly-Polly Music Ball

A musical ball that played chimes with the Shining Time Station Band perched on top of a record. Carl Tenbrink, President, has kindly provided us with the toy's concept sketch, with the note that the characters are standing on a 'record' surface.


SONOS' Juke Box Band Musical Ball Concept Sketch - courtesy Carl Tenbrink


SONOS' Juke Box Band Musical Ball Prototype - photo courtesy Carl Tenbrink

Our many thanks to Carl Tenbrink, President, SONOS Product Development for sharing insight about these products with us. Check out SONOS' website to learn about the vast range of products he and his imagination-rich crew have created. 

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