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This site was built by SHINING TIME STATION fans who wanted to create a special place for others to learn more about, or for first-time introductions to this classic and fondly-remembered series. 

With that said, we would like to acknowledge the following project team members who collaborated together to make this site a reality and give it substance:

  • M. Cooper

  • D. Dobrydney (Content Editor)

  • S. Das

  • R. Fenrich

  • J. Gratton (Fansite Co-Editor)

  • J. Hunter

  • N. Middleton

  • J. Rico

  • A. Su

  • A. Younger (Team Lead)


We would also like to give our thanks to Britt Allcroft and Rick Siggelkow for their kind words and encouragement while we were building this website.


A big shout out must also be sent out to the former cast and crew of SHINING TIME STATION for sharing their memories and mementoes of working on the show with the fans. Your talent, dedication and commitment verily brought the magic to life.


Lastly, we extend our thanks to the fans, who, over the years have uploaded old parent-recorded VHS-taped episodes of Shining Time Station to their YouTube channel for all to enjoy. Not available anywhere else, these episodes provided the reviewers with a valuable resource for writing detailed summaries.


We hope that you've enjoyed your visit to this site - as the sign says come back soon! 

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