Meet the guests from the specials whose presence at Shining Time Station in each story enriched our friends' lives! 



Mr. Nicholas is a mysterious visitor who arrives at Shining Time Station to catch a train called the Northern Star, which people don't have any knowledge or recollection of its existence, let alone it running on the Indian Valley Railroad and stopping at Shining Time Station. However, Mr. Nicholas is confident that the train will come.


Mr. Nicholas soon reveals himself to be no ordinary person, as he reveals that he knew Stacy Jones and J.B. King since they were children and reminds them of some of their long forgotten childhood memories.

During his stay, he is also instrumental in turning the little girl, Vickie from a selfish brat to a loving, caring person by telling her how to be nice to others by smiling, as well as teaching her the true meanings of Christmas.

Although he never reveals it, Mr. Nicholas is actually Santa Claus himself.


He is portrayed by the late Lloyd Bridges.


Vickie first appears as a bratty girl with a mean personality, and it was this attitude that the other kids do not enjoy her company or make any attempt to get along with her.


However, meeting Mr. Nicholas at Shining Time Station would be the turning point of Vickie's life, as the mysterious visitor knew that deep down, she wanted to be friends with the kids, and by his teachings of how to be friendly by smiling, as well as learning the true meaning of Christmas, Vickie gradually changes into a loving, caring person who gets her true moment when she uses her gift of song to quell an argument, reminding all present of the true spirit of Christmas and restoring harmony to the station.

Vickie is portrayed by Rachel Miner.


Claire is Vickie's mother. In the Christmas Special, she has to reluctantly leave her daughter behind at Shining Time Station because of the latter's last minute decision to not sing at the Christmas carols, much to her dismay, since she enjoys hearing her daughter sing. However, when she returns to pick up her daughter that evening, she receives the best Christmas gift she ever had: Her daughter singing their favorite song.


Claire  is portrayed by Judy Marshak.


A cousin of Harry Cupper and a relative of Tanya, Tucker Cooper keeps up the family tradition of being railroaders by being a senior locomotive engineer. In 'Tis a Gift, Tucker arrives at Shining Time Station close to Christmas to take over from Harry following the latter's transfer to Twiddly Junction. He is skeptical of J.B. King's mention of Mr. Conductor because the description of an 18-inch tall man is difficult to believe.

Tucker Cooper is portrayed by Ardon Bess.



Ned Kincaid is a mysterious stranger with a western drawl and cowboy costume who arrived at Shining Time Station on founder's Day. Unbeknownst to all, he is actually the cowboy riding a galloping horse depicted on the Shining Time Station historic mural. He and his steed were accidentally conjured into reality by Becky, who wished aloud that she could meet a real cowboy as Mr. Conductor used a wishing star to remove a stain from the mural. After arriving in our real world in the countryside, the riding cowboy artwork  vanished from the station's wall mural.


Ned's charm and gentle but firm manner attracts the attention of Stacy Jones, who develops a romantic attachment to this newcomer, much to Schemer's dismay. Ned's true origin is discovered by Mr. Conductor who convinces Ned to go back to his own timeline and place on the mural, but not before stopping a runaway train.   


Ned Kincaid is played by Ed Begley Jr.


Lilly is a visually impaired girl who arrives at Shining Time Station acoompanied by her mother to celebrate Founder's Day.  While there, she befriends cowboy Ned Kincaid who paints a flower on her cheek. Ned somehow transferred some special attributes to the flower while painting it, which enables Lilly to sense Ned's departure from this reality after saving the runaway train that she and other passengers were on. 


Lilly was played by Chantellese Kent


Lilly's mother accompanied her daughter, Lilly to Shining Time Station for the Founder's Day celebrations. Far from being overprotective of her daughter, she encourages her to make her own decisions and encourages her independence.


Lilly's mom is played by Susan Stackhouse.


Stacy Jones was heartbroken after Ned Kincaid returned to his own timeline (and the mural). As she was closing the station for the night, a man enters the station saying that he's missed his train and is looking for a ride into town.  He is taken aback when Stacy identifies him by his surname. Stacy remarks how he closely resembles a relative of his she knew. The man then reveals that Ned Kincaid lived in the area and is his great-grandfather.


Ed Begley Jr. also played the role of Ned Kincaid's Great-Grandson.



Max Okowsky is a railroad worker on the Indian Valley Railroad who takes up residence in the Shining Time Station rail yard. The reclusive Max was once quite a good baseball player, having once been given a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Shortly after his arrival to Shining Time, Max befriends Billy Twofeathers' nephew, Kit, and inspires the lad to believe in himself.


Max Okowsky was played by Jack Klugman, who passed away on Dec. 24, 2012 at the age of 90.



Sister Conductor is the younger sister of Mr. Conductor. In a break from tradition with the Conductor Family's affiliation with railways, Sister Conductor's preferred mode of travel is by airplane, which she pilots herself. She visits her brother at Shining Time Station where her care-free and mischievious nature causes him all kinds of grief.


Sister Conductor is played by actress Teri Garr.



In the Shining Time Station version of our universe, HRM the Queen travels the railways of America with her grandson Prince Michael, on the Royal Train during a tour of the country. She and her grandson become stranded near Shining Time Station after thieves uncouple their sleeping coach in a foiled attempt to steal the crown jewels. When she appears unexpectedly at Shining Time Station, The Queen is puzzled as to why no one appears to be treating her with the deference expected for a royal personage.


The Queen is played by Jeannette Charles.


Prince Michael was travelling with his grandmother, The Queen when they became stranded near Shining Time Station. Wishing to live and be treated just like a normal boy, he introduces himself as "Mickey" to Becky, Kara and Kit when they don't appear to recognize him.  


Prince Michael is played by Andrew Sardella.


Biff (tall and lanky) and Bull (stout with an eyepatch) are two tough but inept thieves who attempt to steal the Crown Jewels from the Queen at Shining Time Station. They receive their comeuppance thanks to Stacy and J.B. King's intervention.


Biff was played by Richard McMillian, and Bull was played by Ron Gabriel.



Skip the Carpenter visits Schemer to repair his malfunctioning Murphy bed in Schemer Presents: The World According to Me! segment of How to Have Style à la Schemer. Skip may be gruff and outspoken, but he's very patient and tolerant, and taught Schemer that everyone should act and dress whatever way makes them happy.


Skip is played by William Colgate. William also appeared as a mover in Season 3's The Joke's on Schemer.


Ms. Smith, an Encyclopaedia Americana Salesperson drops in on Schemer during one of his lessons in Schemer Presents: The World According to Me! segment of How to be Smart. Ms. Smith shows Schemer that the more you ask questions, the smarter you'll become, and this will impress people moreso than pretending to know something.


Ms. Smith is played by Myra Fried. Myra also played a passenger in Season 3's The Joke's on Schemer.


Ed Hooyen the painter visits Schemer in the Schemer Presents:  segment of How to Have Table Manners. Although he was asked by Schemer's mother to provide an estimate on how much t would cost to paint the house, Ed keeps on correcting Schemer about proper table manners.


Ed Hooyen is played by Michael Polley. Michael also appeared as Rusty McRail in Season 3's Stacy Cleans Up!.


Jane is a professional actress Schemer brought in to assist him in the Schemer Presents segment of How to Apoogize. After realizing that Schemer duped her, Jane demands, and gets her apology.


Jane is played by comedienne Jayne Eastwood. Jayne  also played Helga Boonswaddle in the Season 3 episode Bad Luck Day at Shining Time Station.