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Click on any of the whistle-stops to display information about that location. Enjoy!



  • Midge shares gossip with reporter Jake Scoop about Ginny being from Farmer's Dell (2.14 Stop the Press)

  • Railroad line continues North to "Big City"


  • Name never mentioned in the episodes, but seen on the Ticket Desk's railroad timetables.


  • New Big Station built in Snarlyville (1.20 Is This the End?)

  • Billy & Stacy meet J.B. King in Snarlyville for am important meeting (2.18 Do I Hear?)

  • Schemer's mother spends the night here (3.02 Schemer Alone)

  • Billy drives the non-stop freight train to Snarlyville. Map location confirmed as the train is heading east as it passes Shining Time Station's window (3.09 Billy's Runaway Train)

  • Hobart Hume III owns the Snarlyville Toxic Chemical Company, and is President of the Nickelaire Club (3.15 Schemer's Special Club)

  • Home of the Snarlyville Slashers baseball team (2.08 Field Day) The team also appears with Coach Sledgebolt in Second Chances


  • Mr. Conductor races a tortoise in the Minkville Marathon (2.05 Sweet and Sour)


  • Name never mentioned in the episodes, but seen on the Ticket Desk's railroad timetables.


  • Location speculated. Name seen on timetables


  • Location speculated

  • Scuba Woman buys a ticket to here from Stacy (1.04 Pitching In and Helping Out)


  • Mr. Conductor comes here to do some clog dancing (2.12 Yabba, Yabba, Yabba)

  • Midge Smoot needs to catch a train from STS to here to pick up her sister for the County Fair (2.20 All's Fair)

  • Bicycle race from STS, Cloggyville, Lucy's Leap and back to Shining Time (3.20 Dan's Big Race)


  • Woman buys ticket at STS to attend wedding here (1.10 Happy Accidents)

  • J.B. King's father's side of the family comes from here (Queen for a Day)


  • Mr. Conductor practices bicycle jumping here (2.04 Win, Lose or Draw)

Lucy's Leap

  • Amazo the Magician performs  here (2.03 The Magic is Believing)

  • Mr Conductor is invited to a party where his balloon will help him play leapfrog with the frogs of Lucy's Leap (2.09 Wrong Track)

  • Bicycle race from Shining Time Station, Cloggyville, Lucy's Leap and back to Shining Time (3.20 Dan's Big Race)

Twiddly Junction

  • Twiddly Junction's Stationmaster, Jean Campbell watches over Matt and Tanya. Twiddly Junction is also circled on map with an arrow pointing north (1.18 Mapping it Out)

  • Mr Conductor finds a top hat on the express to Twiddly Junction (1.19 Things that go Ga-Hooga...)

  • Harry Cupper gets transferred to here @November 1990  ('Tis a Gift)

  • Midge Smoot comes here to pick up her Christmas Goose ('Tis a Gift)


  • Home town of the Butterville Batters baseball team (2.08 Field Day)


Population 5,006 give or take

  • STS is found "Deep in the heart of the Indian Valley, just East of Daydream Mountain and West of Mount Tomorrow." The station was built in 1885 and is the oldest stop on the Indian Valley Rail Line.

  • Circus train stops here every year for luc (1.20 Is This the End?, 3.19 Mysterious Stranger)

  • TST (The Schemer Team) is STS' baseball team (2.08 Field Day)

  • Rail bridge washes out. The stream/river must lie east of the station as Stacy heads west to warn the eastbound train (2.10 Washout)

  • Rusty Rob McRail parks his garbage train here (3.04 Stacy Cleans Up)

  • Bicycle race from STS, Cloggyville, Lucy's Leap and back (3.20 Dan's Big Race)

  • Slugger Cobb drops by the Station during baseball card show. Travelling Zoo also stops here (3.21 Mr. Conductor Gets Left Out)

  • Election debate between Mayor Flopdinger and Mr. Richhouse hosted here (3.23 The Mayor Runs for Re-election) 

  • 1885: Jebediah Schemer's horse cart is stuck at the crossing, and Stacy stops the train in time with a lantern (3.25 How the Station Got Its Name)

  • Railroad worker Max Okowsky (Second Chances) , the Queen (Queen for a Day) and disentimed cowboy Ned Kincaid visit here

  • Shining Time Drive-in is 1 mile past General Store and directly across the road from Ginny's Farm & Orchard (VHS adverts)


  • Stacy spends a day here assisting the stationmaster (3.03 Bully for Mr. Conductor)

  • Midge Smoot waits at Shining Time Station for a present sent to her from Chubby Corners ('Tis a Gift)


  • Seen on timetables, sometimes spelt "Waddly"


  • Referred to as "Doodle Town" in the first few episodes.

  • Ed the Stilt  man buys a ticket from STS to here (1.08 Whistle While You Work)

  • Midge Smoot makes an emergency visit to her dentist here (1.16 Word's Out)

  • Midge visits her sister here (2.01 Scare Dares)

  • Mr. Conductor sees cows in a field on his way back to STS from here (2.12) Yabba, Yabba, Yabba)

  • Schemer's mother spends the day here (2.14 Stop the Press)


  • Seen on timetables. Actual location may be immediately east or west of Doodlehaven. Mr. Conductor states that "Doodle Town" is only 15 minutes away and he's only 18" tall (1.02 Does it Bite?)


  • Name seen on timetables


  • Speculated location due to proximity of waterbody

  • Starting point on timetable heading west (1.03 And the Band Played Off)

  • Stacy and Billy are tricked into coming here by Mr. Conductor's doppelganger, claiming the station is leaking (3.11 Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin)

  • Mr. Conductor comes to water the flowers here (3.21 Mr. Conductor Gets Left Out)

Fort Farley

  • Harry Cupper transfers from Twiddly Junction to Fort Farley, where he later retires (2.01 Scare Dares)

  • The 11:43 am leaves STS for Fort Farley (2.11 Crackpot)


  • Seen on map prop but never mentioned in episodes or timetables.


  • Not mentioned in episodes but seen on timetables.


  • Not mentioned in episodes but seen on timetables.


  • Not mentioned in episodes but seen on timetables.


  • Clown wants ticket from STS to here (1.02 Does it Bite?)

  • Mr. Conductor attends the Dillylick Tennis Tournament (1.12 Impractical Jokes)

  • Billy drops Ginny off here to buy a pre-cooked turkey (3.07 Billy Saves the Day)


  • Listed as simply "Shemp" on prop map. Mostly referred to as "East Shemp" in episodes

  • Osgood Flopdinger is often referred to as the "Mayor of East Shemp"

  • Schemer sends jar of sandwich spread to the Mayor of East Shemp (1.17 Too Many Cooks)


  • Mel & Mack work for Eggywegg Shipping (3.02 Schemer's Alone)

  • Barry Prince films a railroad documentary here (3.15 Mr. Conductor's Movie)

  • Spelled as "Eggyweg" on prop map, and "Eggywegg" on timetable

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