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by JustToys

The following 8 pose-able Bend-Ems line Shining Time Station characters were produced by JustToys in 1993.


Schemer #12376

The Bend-Ems line also included a boxed 5 piece Gift Set of the entire Juke Box Puppet Band, also released in 1993.


Juke Box Puppet Band - 5 piece Gift Set #12400

And Just Toys also produced a station playset for the Bend-Ems characters in 1993. From the compact carrying case the playset unfolds into a generalized version of Shining Time Station. The set included a bench, ticket and information desk, and a compact arcade floor. A section of track and platform compliments the playset and also gives you an idea of what lay beyond the 'To All Trains' section. This second-hand set shown here included the Bend-Ems figures for Schemer and Stacy, but the original set included Mr. Conductor. The figures were wrapped in individual plastic bags, rather than the packaging seen with the retail versions


Playset with (rare) cardboard paper wrapper labelled "Shining Time Station Carry Case" #15005 which included 3 Bend-Em figures. Photo Credit: "A.C."


Shining Time Station playset for Bend-Ems by Just Toys (1993) with cardboard paper wrapper removed


Front view of Shining Time Station playset


Shining Time Station playset (opened)


Rear track platform view of Shining Time Station playset


Detail of playset's original cardboard paper wrapper. The wrapper is in itself a rare sight as very few of these survived to this day. Photo Credit: "A.C."

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