Thomas/Nylint Corporation



In 1992, Nylint Corporation launched a Thomas line of battery operated playset products. The small playsets were powered by a single AA battery. One example is pictured below. 

Nylint Thomas the Tank Engine Battery Operated Playset (8846) 

photo courtesy R. Imparato

Nylint Battery Operated Toby from the Toby Playset (8848) 

photo courtesy R. Imparato



In 1992, Nylint released miniature models for their Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Push-A-Long series. A few examples are shown below courtesy of R. Imparato.

Nylint Miniature Push A-Long Thomas, Annie & Clarabel  (Product #8856) released in 1992 - photo courtesy R. Imparato

The set included a miniature Push-A-Long Thomas (approx. 3 inches long), with his coaches Annie and Clarabel. A battery operated version was also produced.

photo courtesy R. Imparato

Nylint Miniature Push A-Long character bio for "Thomas" on the packaging.

photo courtesy R. Imparato

Nylint Miniature Push A-Long Percy with two Foolish Freight Cars(Product #8857) released in 1992 - photo courtesy R. Imparato

This set was identical in size to the Thomas set except it includes Percy and two vans (Foolish Freight Cars).

photo courtesy R. Imparato

Nylint Miniature Push A-Long character bio for "Percy" on the packaging.

photo courtesy R. Imparato



In 1992, Nylint also offered a number of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends characters in their Pull-A-Long Line. A few examples are featured below.

Nylint's Percy the Small Engine Pull-A-Long (Product # 8881) released in 1992. A big, plastic Percy with a string attached to the front of the engine to pull him along. Percy's eyes moves back and forth as he moves, and he has a noise maker that produces a clicking sound as the wheels turn. Note the Shining Time Station logo on the packaging.

photos courtesy R. Imparato

(Pictured above) Nylint's Harold the Helicopter Pull-A-Long (8882) released in 1992. A large plastic Harold with wheels and a pull string. His eyes move back and forth when you spin his propeller, and he has an opening door as shown in the photo below (right) - photo courtesy R. Imparato

Another view of Nylint's Harold, and the packaging featuring the "As seen on Shining Time Station" logo.  - photos courtesy R. Imparato

Harold's bio as written on the Nylint Packaging - photo courtesy R. Imparato

An early version of Nylint's Thomas the Tank Engine Pull-A-Long from 1989. This model makes clicking sounds when the wheels move. Thomas' cab and coal bunker have holes for shaped blocks that fit together like a puzzle. There is a hatch on the rear of the coal bunker (pictured left) to store/release the block pieces.

photos courtesy R. Imparato


Nylint's Bump N' Go Thomas from 1989. A small battery-operated toy featuring a noisemaker that clicks when turned on - photos courtesy R. Imparato

Battery Operated 9-pc. Deluxe Collector Case

(# ????) 1992

Nylint's Battery operated 9-pc. Deluxe collector case. The set included a battery-operated Thomas, Percy and Toby, and free-wheeling Annie & Clarabel, two Foolish Freight Cars, a Troublesome Truck and Henrietta - photos courtesy R. Imparato