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Thomas comes to breakfast


Written by the Rev. W. Awdry


The Rev. Awdry teamed up with Clive Spong again in 1985 to adapt one of his best arcs in the Railway Series – Branch Line Engines to a condensed version, ahead of the TV Series adaptation in 1986.

Story Summary Written by R Healy

Thomas becomes conceited when the Driver jokes that he could almost manage running the Branch Line without him.  Thomas becomes convinced he doesn’t need his crew anymore, and boasts to Percy and Toby that he could manage without them easily.  The next morning, when the cleaner arrives to clean the engines, he begins trying Thomas’s controls, but nothing happens.  Thomas doesn’t realise, and is still convinced he could manage without his Driver – so decides to sneak out of the shed and scare Percy and Toby.


Whilst Thomas begins to move quite easily, stopping becomes another matter entirely.  He puffs through the yard, over the end of the siding and straight into the Station Master’s house!  Thomas is left there in disgrace and pulled back to the rails later by Donald and Douglas.  The Fat Controller scolds Thomas severely and informs him that a Diesel Rail-Car will be coming to do his work whilst he is at the Works being mended.  Thomas is dismayed when he sees her arrive, and Percy and Toby are wary of her.

However, all four engines soon learn lessons about how to work together on the Branch Line, and by the time Thomas returns to work, all four are good friends and ready for anything.

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