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Book 33 - Thomas & The Twins - 1989

Summaries by D Howells


The first Railway Series reappearance of Bill and Ben since their 1966 debut and Trevor, featuring Thomas being sent down to Edward's Branch Line whilst his own is under repair.  Inspired by a trip to Cornwall and seeing Judy and Alfred - the prototypes for Bill and Ben - Christopher set about writing this book.

Scrambled Eggs

Thomas is informed by the Fat Controller that he will need to be moved to Edward's Branch whilst repairs are being carried out on a bridge on the line.  When he arrives there, Thomas is less than impressed when he meets the twins, who are quick to comment on the presence of yet another blue engine in their yard!
A while later, Thomas has an accident whilst coming down the line and collides with a lorry carrying Dairy Products, covering him in broken eggs and yolk.  Bill and Ben are quick to tease when they see Thomas back at the sheds, and subsequently hear a scraping noise - Thomas gritting his teeth!

What A Picture!

Railway Enthusiasts are coming to the Railway, and Bill and Ben are to be put on display in the yard so they can be photographed and be made a fuss of.  They spend the afternoon being photographed happily, until a shunter comes up and asks one of them to move a ship for him before the tide goes out.  Ben goes, and Bill is preoccupied by a man with an Instamatic Camera, who is trying to take his picture, and taking his time about it!
When the man finally gets the shot he wants, Bill is called away and the picture is completely spoiled by Bill's cloud of steam as he hurried away.

Trevor Helps Out
Trevor's boiler is in need of mending, but the Vicar can't afford to fix it.  Whilst he is under the weather, the Vicar arranges some lighter work for Trevor to do and sends him to help saw a tree belonging to a farmer who lives close to the Railway.
As he passes the field where Trevor's working, Edward feels the line beneath him begin to wobble a little, and consequently on his way home, loses part of his train!  Trevor quickly alerts Edward to the problem, and saves the day!
As a reward for his actions, the Fat Controller obliges Trevor with a trip to the works to have his boiler mended again.
Down The Drain

There's chance of flooding at a part of the line called "The Drain" as bad weather sets in.  Ben falls victim to the raging storm and has his fire put out as he tries to pass through the flooded drain.
Thomas is at the station when the fireman arrives to tell them of what's happened down at "The Drain".  He goes ahead with a steel cable to pull Ben out of the water and back onto the dry rails again and Ben is especially grateful for Thomas's help.  When Bill is finally able to make it back again four days later, he and Ben both agree that after his heroic actions, it would be very ungrateful of them to tease Thomas again!

Thomas & The Twins

Audiobook - Read By Ted Robbins

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