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Thomas & the hurricane


Written by Christopher Awdry

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Thomas & The Hurricane was the last Railway Series tie-in produced in this format.  Stephen Lings again fills in for Clive Spong, whilst Christopher Awdry adapts an Annual Story ‘Thomas & The Cricketers’ into a longer, more developed storyline with the same principle events taking place.

Story Summary Written by R Healy

Through the night, Thomas, Percy and Toby listen to a ferocious gale force wind blowing outside their shed, and are reluctant to venture out into the elements the following morning. But despite the weather, Thomas has to go

on and meet James at the Junction.  James doesn’t mind the wind at all and boasts about how well he’s managed.  But he’s glee is short lived when a signal crashes down in the gale.


Thomas and James are moved down the platform – and just in time as the platform canopy is lifted off and hits the ground, shattering.  Without signals, the engines need to rely on flags to move off from the station – all of a sudden, James isn’t so keen on time keeping – he’s just happy to go!


On the way back, the guard’s emergency brake comes on hard – and they soon find out why.  A tree is laying right across the line, blocking their path.  Thomas is surprised, but relieved.  He wonders how the Guard would have known about it.  Luckily for them, the footballers who had been playing in a field nearby had been waving their red jerseys to the Guard – that’s what alerted him to the danger.


Thomas returns to the station and his passengers have to transfer over to Bertie, whilst he stays the night.  Thankfully Terence, Toby and Percy work throughout the day to get the line clear and bring Thomas home again.


As a special thank you, a week later, when the wind has died down, the Fat Controller holds a special party at the station by the river to thank the footballers.  They are lauded as heroes and given a special framed certificate to remind them of the day that they saved the train.

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