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Thomas's Christmas party


Written by the Rev. W. Awdry

Based on the TV story by Britt Allcroft and David Mitton

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In 1984, when the television series aired for the first time, Britt Allcroft & David Mitton wished to include a ‘Christmas episode’.  The only story set around Christmas in the Railway Series was Mrs Kyndley’s Christmas, (which is alluded to in this episode), however, Mitton & Allcroft wished to produce their own festive adventure for the TV Series.  However, as per the contractual obligations set down by Kaye & Ward, the story had to appear in print form first, and the Rev. Awdry stepped out of retirement to adapt their work for a one-off special.

Story Summary Written by R Healy

Thomas & Toby want to say ‘thank you’ to Mrs Kyndley for her help the previous winter, when she saved Thomas from a landslide.  The two engines have the idea of throwing a special Christmas party for her, and the Fat Controller kindly agrees to let the festivities take place at the new Tidmouth Roundhouse on the day after Christmas. 

However, the weather takes a turn for the worse, and the Branch Line becomes snowed up meaning Mrs Kyndley may miss the party.  The Fat Controller decides to send out Thomas, Toby and Percy on a rescue mission to help free her from her snowed-up isolation and bring her down to

Tidmouth safely.  With a valiant effort and a bit of help from Terence the Tractor, the three engines manage to free Mrs Kyndley and bring her to Tidmouth.


But when they arrive, the yard is dark.  Thomas thinks that the Fat Controller has cancelled the party after all – when all of a sudden, the lights burst on, engines whistle excitedly, the shed doors open and the party gets into motion.  Mrs Kyndley is given a special free pass for travel on the railway, as a token of thanks for saving Thomas the year before, and is invited to stay with the Sir Topham and Lady Hatt until the weather clears.  The engines all thank Thomas, Percy and Toby for their efforts, and one by one, they drift off quietly to sleep.

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