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On the 14th of July 2000, Thomas's first feature film steamed onto cinema screens - here we relive Thomas and the Magic Railroad!

Welcome to SiF's special section devoted entirely to Thomas and the Magic Railroad, the theatrical film written, produced and directed by Britt Allcroft in the year 2000. Thomas and the Magic Railroad was an attempt to recreate the magic that Britt felt the Island of Sodor possessed both in her imagination, and that of the audience for which the film was intended.

Here, we'll be raising the redeeming features of the film, whilst showcasing the fruits of our extensive research into its production. You'll discover fascinating behind-the-scenes detail and insight about the movie shared with us by cast and crew alike, including Britt Allcroft herself.


To that end, we'd like to extend a special thanks to everyone associated with the movie's production that who have  provided us with their recollections, photos  and other materials,  and to SiF members for their contributions and enthusiasm, without whom this site would not reflect the quality that it enjoys today.



This website is neither affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Hit Entertainment, Sony Pictures (Destination Films), Gullane or Britt Allcroft to whom all rights are reserved in full, or in part for the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie.


All interviews and correspondence posted on this site are the personal opinions of the contributors only, and do not represent those from the aforementioned registered companies and present or former employers.

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