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Ted Robbins took up the mantle of a Railway Series storyteller in the early 1990s, doing recordings of Christopher Awdry's books.  While the recordings were conceptually similar to what Johnny Morris and Willie Rushton had done before him, at the same time, they were more aimed at children in the way they were presented with Ted introducing the stories and their own little jingle theme tune.
Ted Robbins has had a varying career in media with roles in dramas such as Holby City, Merseybeat, Doctors, Brookside, Lead Balloon.  But one of his most famous and best roles was the universally hated Den Perry (or Den of Enequity as he's known in "Clubland"!) - in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, where he played a rival club owner who burnt down the Pheonix Club.  Ted is also the other link Thomas has with the Beatles after Ringo, he's the cousin of Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

Ted Robbins

Railway Stories Volumes 27 to 38

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