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Between the period of 20 September and 2 October 1970, regular viewers of the BBC Children's program Jackanory were treated to Ted Ray's storytelling of  a few Railway Series volumes - namely:
The Three Railway Engines (28 Sept.)
Thomas the Tank Engine (29 Sept.)
Duck and the Diesel Engine (30 Sept.)
Toby the Tram Engine (1 Oct.)
The Eight Famous Engines (2 Oct.)

The stories were adapted for television and directed by Howard Kennett, and would have likely involved illustrations or recreations of the ones found in the Railway Series volumes. Ted Ray told the stories while sitting in a Stationmaster's office setting - himself attired appropriately, no doubt. Unfortunately, these programs are not readily publicly available, and whether they still survive in the BBC's archives is not known.
Ted was a well-known comedian and radio personality during post-war Britain, with appearances in film such as Carry on Teacher (1959) and various British television shows.  He is credited as a storyteller on 14 episodes of Jackanory between 1966 and 1971. Ted passed away on the 8 November, 1977. 

Ted Ray

Jackanory (BBC TV)

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