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Book 4 - Tank Engine Thomas Again - 1949

Summaries by C Signore


The fourth book tells of Thomas’ adventures on his new Branch Line, where he forgets his guard, goes fishing, gets stuck in the snow and meets new road running friends Terence the Tractor and Bertie the Bus.

Thomas & The Guard
Thomas is very proud of his Branch Line, and his two old coaches Annie and Clarabel. Both carry passengers, except Clarabel also carries the guard as well. One day, after Poorly Henry is late at the Junction, Thomas sets off to make up for lost time. However, in his haste, he leaves the guard behind, and they only realise it when they stop at a signal and wait for the Guard to catch up.

Thomas Goes Fishing
In this next story, Thomas wants to fish at a river he often passes over, ignoring the fact that “Engines don’t go fishing!” But when the water tower breaks down at the station by the river, the driver and fireman decide to get water from the river with an old bucket, which they emptied into Thomas’ tanks. But as they set off again, Thomas suffers terrible boiler pains; at the next station the Inspector and the Fat Controller see what the matter is and are very amazed when they discover fish inside Thomas’ boiler! After fishing them out, everyone has a lovely supper of Fish and Chips.

Thomas, Terence & The Snow
In this third story, we are introduced to Terence the Tractor and his Caterpillar Treads. Thomas thinks they’re ugly however when they first meet. Come winter, he has to wear his snowplough, which he dislikes every bit! But he soon manages to avert wearing it one cold day, and ends up stuck in a snowdrift! Whilst a bus comes for his passengers, Terence arrives to help pull the little tank engine out of the snow. Afterward, Thomas thanks his new friend and his special caterpillars.

Thomas & Bertie

In our final tale, Thomas meets the bus who took his passengers from the last story. His name is Bertie and boasts that he can go faster than him. So they both decide to have a race, and what a thrilling one is it! In spite of the obstacles that stand in their way, both bus and train come to the home stretch, and the race come to an exciting finish by Thomas going through the hill whilst Bertie struggles over it! Afterward, they both congratulate each other and become friends.

Tank Engine Thomas Again

Audiobook - Read By Johnny Morris

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