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RS Reviews: More About Thomas The Tank Engine - More About The Memories

More About Thomas The Tank Engine

Reviewed by Skarlouie

For getting a good school report in reception, my mum bought me a Railway Series cassette tape. This consisted of:


But the book which I liked the most was More About Thomas the Tank Engine. I had watched the television many a time before buying this cassette. I enjoyed listening to these stories in the car on the way to school or on a long journey.


More About Thomas the Tank Engine was very easy to understand throughout. The book is based around a feud between Thomas and Percy which is written in a marvellous way by Christopher Awdry. These stories play with your emotions. You feel concerned for the friendship of the two engines in Thomas, Percy and the Coal.  The adrenaline that you feel throughout The Runaway.  When Thomas helps Bertie in Better Late Than Never you feel happy! And the relive you finally feel when Thomas and Percy finally make up their quarrel at the end of Drip Tank.


Drip Tank was a story I used to enjoy as child as it was very different to what I had seen and read in other railway series books such as Henry the Green Engine.  When Thomas’ side rod “swung up and punctured” his tank. It made me curious how did this happen. As well as feeling proud of Percy when he comes to the rescue despite the quarrel.


The narration I couldn’t really relate to as a five-year-old as it wasn’t a family member but as I grew older at the age of 7, I really loved listening to Ted Robbins narrating. However, if my mother or Father had narrated it would have been a more personal experience.


All of these stories each have very different plots but still links in to the understory of Thomas and Percy Feud. For example; Thomas, Percy and the Coal: the argument starts, The Runaway: Thomas gets repaired and then is part of a daring runaway, Better Late Than Never: Thomas grumbled about the other engines and helps Bertie and finally Drip Tank: When Percy comes to rescue after Thomas has a technical difficulty.


I think as I was growing up my favourite story from this book was The Runaway I was just mesmerised how Thomas runs away without a driver. And I was amazed how Christopher wrote Harold back in I thought how Harold chased him through the air. I thought that was nothing short of marvellous.


Although Christopher Awdry thinks this book was rushed and was the least creative. I beg to differ. I think this book has shown some great material. The Runaway and Drip Tank being the strongest stories in this book. It really does show children the value of friendship no matter what happens. It did teach me that lesson. This makes me feel that why I care for my friends so much as I do today!


So, to conclude More About Thomas the Tank Engine is a great read (Or listen in my case).  More About Thomas the Tank Engine has a moral as a book. No matter what happens you must care for your friends and let bygones be bygones.


More About Thomas the Tank Engine teaches children life lessons!


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