Star of cop drama Dempsey and Makepace in the 1980s, Michael Brandon was starring in Jerry Springer The Opera when he was spotted and approached by HIT Entertainment to become their new Storyteller for Thomas and Friends.


Michael undertook the task with enthusiasm and a unique style of storytelling, and was first introduced to the Thomas fandom in the newly transformed eighth series.  At the same time, he was also tasked with the responsibility of delivering narrative for the seventh series, which was being released simultaneously in the United States.  However, this was not the first time Michael had read Thomas stories for children.  He states in an interview with SiF’s own James Gratton that he was familiar with the series prior to his appointment, having read the stories aloud to his children when they were young.


Michael was reported to have left the series in 2007, following the appointment of Pierce Brosnan.  However, he was asked back to provide the American narrative in light of Pierce being relegated to the role of ‘Guest Storyteller’ for The Great Discovery.  He returned to provide the American narrative for Series 12, and now works alongside the American voice cast on the new CGI-based Thomas and Friends series – also providing voices where required. 


Aside from Thomas and Dempsey and Makepace, Brandon has starred alongside Pheonix Nights star Dave Spikey in short-lived comedy Dead Man Weds, as well as taking numerous roles in Catherine Tate's comedy series, and other UK Dramas and television programmes.


Michael made his final contribution as Thomas's American Storyteller in Blue Mountain Mystery in 2012.



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