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Like the another famous Thomas storyteller, Johnny Morris was initially reluctant to do the recordings of the Railway Series books.  However, Isabella Wallich (Founder and manager of Delyse Records) convinced him to do it through the success of the books, as well as assuring him of his ability to bring the characters to life through his own voice.  


Her assurance wasn't far wrong, with Morris giving each character their own individual and distinctive voicing.  He also built upon the Rev. Awdry's style of repititions, improvising and enhancing his recordings with his own unique range of whistles, puffs, chugs and great bursts of steam.

However, much like Ringo, Johnny found the experience to be extremely rewarding and forged a common bond with fellow steam buff, the Reverend Awdry.  Johnny recorded eleven volumes of the Railway Series books from The Three Railway Engines to Percy the Small Engine, however, only eight of the audio books he recorded have been committed to cassette tape, Edward the Blue Engine, Four Little Engines and Percy the Small Engine were left as LPs, and re-recorded by Willie Rushton when he took over as the storyteller for the Railway Stories. 


Johnny hosted a number of popular programmes, including Johnny's Jaunts (Radio) and Animal Magic (Television).  He died in May 1999.

Johnny Morris

Railway Stories Volumes 1 to 11

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