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Book 3 - James the Red Engine - 1948

Summaries by C Signore


These four stories tell of James the red engine, who, after his crash in Thomas The Tank Engine, settles down to be really useful. He also has trouble with trucks, coaches and top hats, but proves himself after Gordon makes a mistake.

James & The Top Hat

Our first story introduces us to James and how this Mixed Traffic engine was given a red coat of paint to forget his troubles. However, his troubles aren’t over yet when he “wheeshes” a shower of water over the Fat Director’s new Top Hat! Then after double heading a train with Edward, he gets hiccoughs and startles an old lady making her drop her parcels!


James & The Bootlace

After the trouble he caused in the last story, James is given a sever dressing down. He’s in such a bad temper he bangs his coaches too roughly and during a rough journey manages to break a brake pipe along the train. The guard reckons they could mend it with Newspaper and a Leather Bootlace, and they manage to do so, but not before a reluctant passenger refuses to part with his bootlaces!

Troublesome Trucks
Poor James is in terrible disgrace, but the Fat Director gives him one more chance to redeem himself—he is asked to take some very troublesome trucks to the station over Gordon’s Hill. But they try to make him give up by causing one delay after another, including breaking away. But their attempts are all but vain as James triumphs over them and the Fat Director is pleased with him.

James & The Express

Henry and Gordon often tease James about his Bootlace incident and reckon he’s not good enough. However, after Gordon is diverted on the wrong line and ends up back where he started it’s James who pulls his Express and is rewarded by pulling it sometimes to give Gordon a rest. After that, Gordon and James become good friends, especially since they both disagree with trucks!

James The Red Engine

Audiobook - Read By Johnny Morris

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