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'The Man Who Got Thomas Back On Track'

Ian McCue has worked in the animation industry since the 1990s, and came to work on Thomas & Friends around the time of Series 15 and Day of the Diesels as Line Producer for the series.

Ian had a vision for Thomas & Friends going forward and the aim was to go back to the classic, traditional storytelling roots and moving away from the "storytelling by numbers" formula that had been in place for a number of years.  He brought in a new Head Writer for the series in Andrew Brenner and established his own team to bring his vision to life. 

Ian gave fans a taste of what to expect with Blue Mountain Mystery in 2012, before putting his stamp on the series proper with a brand new Storyteller in Mark Moraghan from 2013, and encouraging the inclusion of classic elements into the series with more returning characters and stronger storytelling, which led to features such as The Adventure Begins, as well as gaining celebrity actors joining the voice cast such as Sir John Hurt and Eddie Redmayne in  Sodor's Legend of The Lost Treasure. 

Ian's tenure as Producer of Thomas & Friends ended with Series 24 as the series transitioned to a brand new 2D reboot, however, he produced some of the best new content the series has enjoyed in years and we remain grateful for his contribution!

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