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George Awdry

'Sodor's First Great Historian'

The close younger brother of the Author, George was also a Railway Enthusiast (both Steam and Model) much like his brother and father, and used his skills and knowledge from his years as a Librarian to help Wilbert with the Railway Series.  He became another notable name in the being of the Railway Series with the assistance he provided.


George Awdry was able to provide geographical, economic, political and social history for Wilbert's fictional Isle, by calling upon the knowledge he gained through his many years working in both the Institute of Mining and the National Liberal Club.


He helped Wilbert in 1989 to produce THE ISLAND OF SODOR a brilliant encyclopedia on everything to do with the Railway Series with its history, geography and people, so without him, Sodor may not have been discovered!


George died on 27th of October 1994, following a severe deterioration in his health, at the age of 78.  He was immortalised by Wilbert in The Island Of Sodor as Albert Regaby (6th Baron and 1st Viscount Harwick).

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