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Eric Marriott

'The Railway Series Editor'

The one man whose influence got the Railway Series a new title every year up until 1973 when Wilbert could no longer accomodate a new book.


Marriott was Assistant Managing Director of Kaye and Ward, and editor of Wilbert's books from 3rd to 26th.  It was he who convinced Kaye and Ward to make Awdry's books into a series, and played his part most definitely in trying to get Wilbert to produce a new book every year if possible.  Funny enough, it was he who influenced Wilbert to write THOMAS GOES FISHING and remained a friend of Wilbert's following their work association.  In the years of Peter Edward's illustating, he was the facial influence for Gordon (Peter thought he had a great nose!).


However, in 1973 when he and Wilbert knew in themselves that the author was most definitely not going to create his 27th book, he left Kaye and Ward to join the board of publisher, Michael Joseph and become Managing Director of Pelham Books.

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