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Book 9 - Edward The Blue Engine - 1954

Summaries by R Healy


Following suit with some of the other engines, Edward is finally given his own book and a chance to shine with some of the best stories of the Reverend Awdry era.  Here we see Edward helping Trevor, hindering Bertie, getting the last laugh on his doubters when Gordon and Henry come worst of a cow, and proving himself to be as useful as ever when he rescues James!

Edward has a run in with some cows which manage to detach a few of his trucks from his train without him noticing until he returns to the yards.  Gordon and Henry tease his mercilessly, commenting upon how they would never come foul of cows in the same way.  However, some days later, Gordon and Henry find themselves in a rather odd situation with a lonely mother cow missing her calf.  The tangle is only sorted when the two are reunited allowing the two engines to move on, but keen to keep it quiet - but as is the way on Sodor, the word spreads, and Edward has the last laugh on them...

Bertie's Chase
Edward is unaware that Bertie is carrying Thomas's passengers, and so neglects to wait for him pulling into the station - which means the poor little red bus has to start a chase across the Island to try and catch up and deliver the passengers.  However, each time he comes close, he misses Edward who's already moved on.  But Bertie is determined to catch him and his passengers encourage him to keep on.  Third time lucky, Bertie meets Edward at the station and the passengers catch their train - and give Bertie a big thank you for his effort.

Saved From Scrap
Edward takes some trucks to the Scrap yard and meets a traction engine called Trevor, who's due to be broken up the following week.  Taking pity upon him after Trevor explains more, Edward makes it his mission to save him from scrap.  He approaches the Vicar, who is more than happy to take a look - and after a happy evening with his two boys at the Scrap Yard with Trevor showing his paces, he buys him and gives Trevor a new lease of life in the Vicarage Orchard.


Old Iron
James begins complaining to the other engines about Edward's poor time keeping - and claims he clanks about like a lot of old iron.  The others defend Edward, but James stubbornly sticks to his own ideas.  But a few days later, when some naughty boys meddle with James' controls and send him off on his own down the line, there's only one engine who can save him... James is very grateful for such a daring rescue, and the Fat Controller kindly grants Edward the chance to get his worn parts mended at the Works.

Edward The Blue Engine

Audiobook - Read By Willie Rushton

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