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'The One True Voice'

Ringo Starr initially found fame as the drummer in The Beatles.  However, his role as the first Storyteller for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends made him a household name again for entirely different reasons, but still bringing the same delight to millions across the globe!


Ringo was initially unsure of taking the role, thinking that the series wouldn’t be likely to appeal to children of the modern age.  However, after some thought, he agreed and took up the role.  Ringo went on to be the storyteller for the first and second series, and took up the part of Mr Conductor in the first Shining Time Station series.  

He also provided narrative for the Thomas Ladybird storybook cassettes in the mid 1980s, and put in a personal appearance at a Day Out With Thomas event at Didcot Railway Centre as the storyteller also.


Ringo left the series after 1989 to pursue his musical interests, touring with the All-Starr Band.  However, he has remained as synonymous with Thomas the Tank Engine as he has with The Beatles.  And his recognition as arguably the best storyteller of them all is well deserved!

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