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Rev. Teddy Boston

'The Fat Clergyman'

A very kind and informative correspondance came through recently from a Mr Chris Stevens, regarding this member of the Railway Series history:
"You correctly identify the two clergymen as Wilbert and Teddy - I remember Teddy Boston from meetings of the Locomotive Club of Great Britain (LCGB) held in Bedford, when he came infrequently and gave talks.  Teddy Boston is just as fascinating a character as the T the T stories. A priest in rural Leicestershire, he begged and 'acquired' as sorts of railwayana which accumulated at his rectory in Cadeby. He evetually built a complete railway around the Cadeby Vicarage, a very large shed for the model railway and found homes for over 20 diesels, steam engines and a traction engines. After his death, his widow kept Cadeby going, with open days to pay for the costs. All of the open days were free, donation tins being placed at stategic locations.  Sadly the Cadeby Light Railway has held its last open day due to widow Audrey Boston feeling unable to carry on with it."

Teddy Boston is best known to fans of the Railway Series books as The Fat Clergyman.  As a close friend of the Rev. Awdry, he would incorporate the two into latter editions of the Railway Series stories and sharing many Railway Holidays together.  He sadly passed away in 1986, but published a biography - From the Font to the Footplate - charting his own life and times.

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