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'The Sounds of Sodor & The Sea'

Where would Thomas be without the catchy and memorable themes composed for him by Mike and Junior?  


Mike O’Donnell and Junior Campbell had worked on Thomas for nearly 20 years, from Series 1 in 1984 to Series 7 in 2003.  Even before Thomas, both have had vast careers in music.

Glasgow-raised Junior Campbell was part of the hit band “Marmalade” in the 60’s and 70’s and has also gained success with a couple of solo records of his own. Mike, meanwhile, worked at The Beatles’ Apple Studios where his love for music grew stronger after some memorable sessions with some famous stars. He joined a band called Gold where though they didn’t have any hits, they sold a number of singles all the same.


At the time, both he and Junior had signed to the same publisher and there their partnership sparked. They collaborated on writing TV Jingles for TV, which they continued to do long after they both left their respective groups. And when they got word of Britt looking for someone to create music for Thomas, they decided to jump at the opportunity…and the rest is history!


Alongside the themes for the series, Mike and Junior also wrote and produced nearly 40 songs, as well as manufacturing some of the whistles for the engines.  They also composed the music to the first and only series of TUGS.


Composer Mike O'Donnell talks to SiFansite about his career and work on Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and TUGS!

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