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'The Man Behind The Brennerssaince'

Andrew Brenner's association with Thomas the Tank Engine reaches all the way back to the 1980s when he was writing for the comic tie-ins for the series, some of which were adapted for the screen for Britt Allcroft & David Mitton as part of the 3rd Series of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.

As part of Ian McCue's plan for the series, Andrew was tapped as the new Head Writer for the series from 2012 onward, starting out as Script Editor for Blue Mountain Mystery and leading a new writing team that would bring back the series' classic storytelling style with a contemporary twist tailored to a full voice cast.

Andrew went on to write six feature length specials as well as adapting the Rev. Awdry's first two books to form a short feature - The Adventure Begins - to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Rev. Awdry's famous engines.  From 2017, Andrew began winding down his involvement with Thomas & Friends, writing no new material for the episodes and focusing on the specials, whilst pursuing other projects such as Pablo.  Andrew participated in the initial two series of Big World, Big Adventures before leaving the series after Series 23


Andrew talks about his work on Thomas & Friends and the other famous animated features he's worked on over the years!

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