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One day, Henry is pulling a very important goods train bound for the Mainland.  But as he approaches Vicarstown Station, he encounters faulty signal, which fails to warn him that another train hasn’t cleared the section. 

The weight of his train pushes him forward and causes him to derail, throwing him off the rails and over the side of the bridge, swinging precariously over the road below.


On the other side of the Island, Thomas is puffing down the Branch Line with Annie and Clarabel, feeling very cheerful and enjoying his day so much, that he wants to burst into song – only to find that James has beaten him to the punch, steaming into Knapford Station singing loudly that he’s the Fat Controller’s favourite engine. 


 This makes Thomas cross, but James just laughs and teases him, then proceeds to leave the station, singing all the more – with the passengers and workmen dancing along to his tune!

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