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Of The Railway Series


William Middleton

The original illustrator of the Three Railway Engines, whose artwork was replaced in favour of new work by C. Reginald Dalby - read about him here!

Reginald Payne

When Middleton failed to impress, Edmund Ward brought in a new illustrator, who went on to be the first artist to depict Awdry's most famous engine - Thomas!

C Reginald Dably

In 1948, the man who was to 'set the style' for the Railway Series books came onboard with his gem-like illustrations - read about him and his work here!

John T Kenney

Kenney took the Railway Series' illustrative style in a bolder direction when he joined the team in 1957 - read about his work here!

Peter & Gunvor Edwards

The Rev. Awdry's final illustrators, husband and wife team Peter and Gunvor put a different slant on the style of the Railway Series books   - read about their work here!

Clive Spong

Chris Awdry's faithful illustrator across sixeen books, and encompassing the best elements of the three illustrators who had contributed to the series before him  - read about his work here!

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