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Alec Baldwin had a varying career in television and movies before joining the Thomas brand in 1998 under the banner of ‘Thomas the Tough Guy’ in the media, citing his various movie roles.  Sadly, Alec did not appear to have the great deal of enthusiasm for the role that his predecessors before him had, and often came across as being flat and uninterested in the storylines.  However, certain aspects of his voice acting did allow him to inject some of himself into the characters, particularly James, who was made to sound rather camp under Baldwin’s narrative – something he was pulled up on by Talk Show host Conan O’Brien.


In 2000, he became the last person to play the role of Shining Time Station’s Mr Conductor in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.  Throughout the movie, Baldwin also provided the continuity narrative where necessary.


Baldwin returned to the role of Storyteller in 2002 to provide narrative for the sixth series, and left the series to pursue other roles.  Since leaving he has had guest slots on Will and Grace, and become a long standing cast member on comedy 30 Rock.



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US - 1998 to 2002

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