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Written by Christopher Awdry

In 2001, Christopher Awdry wrote three special stories centred around the theme of promoting Railway Safety, with new character, Policeman Len, taking centre stage and showing the children of Sodor how to behave responsibly around the Fat Controller's Railway

Story Summaries Written by R Healy


As Toby arrives back from the Quarry, he and his Driver find a group of children skateboarding on the platform at Ffarquhuar.

The following day, disaster strikes and one of the boys comes off the skateboard, falls from the platform onto the tracks in front of Toby - who luckily wasn't moving at the time.  Policeman Len scolds the boy for disregarding his own safety, and warns him how dangerous it is to play near railway lines!


Alysha is given a brand new hat for Christmas, and wears it as she takes her dog for a walk near to the Peel Godred Branch Line - the only electric railway on Sodor.  But when a gust of wind blows her hat off and onto the electric wires above the railway, Alysha takes it upon herself to retrieve it with a branch - just as a train is coming through!  The engine and their crew warn her just in time - she drops the branch and watches in horror as a big zap of electricity hits her hat and the branch.  Alysha is warned by the Driver not to be so careless near electric railways in future - and the scorch mark in her hat serves as a timely reminder! 


On the last day of the school term before summer, Thomas' guard is just about to blow his whistle when unexpectedly one of Annie's doors open, with a girl falling out, followed by two girls run away.

The girl, Gemma, tells Policeman Len that two girls pushed her out off Annie when she refused to do a dare.  Policeman Len tells Gemma that she was brave for not doing the dare and telling him about it, and reluctantly, with persuasion from Thomas, Annie and Clarabel, she gives Policeman Len the girl’s names, so he can go and have a word with their parents.

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