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In 1956, the Railway Series stories were read aloud by Charles E, Stidwell on the BBC's Children's Hour as described below in the Publisher, Volume 170, Part 2.

The well-known little Railway Series Books, written by the Rev. W. Awdry, are being read on BBC Children's Hour in monthly instalments and commenced on July 28. There are at present ten books in this series and though No. 11 Percy the Small Engine will be added in September, Charles E. Stidwell will start the readings with No. 1 book, The Three Little Engines. The Railway Series is published by Edmund Ward and each book is 4, 6d. net.


Note how the title of "The Three Railway Engines" is referred to incorrectly as "The Three Little Engines" ! The same mistake had been repeated years earlier in 1953 in BBC correspondence with Eric Marriott for the failed live model set broadcast.


At the time, Charles E. Stidwell was the familiar narrator for Rag Tag and Bobtail  and also told many of the Watch with Mother: Picture Book stories.  Fans wishing to know what Charles Stidwell's narration style was like can hear it in this excerpt from this appropriately titled BBC documentary from  1954: Plymouth to Dartmoor Steam Train.

Charles E. Stidwell

Children's Hour (1956)

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