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Following success with their use of live action animation during the first two series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, David Mitton and Robert D. Cardona, partners in Clearwater Features, decided to create their own series with a transport related theme.  They decided to go with a sea-related premise and the final product was TUGS, a darker and edgier children's series based around the rival Star and Zero fleets in the fictional Bigg City Port.

TUGS never had the same budget or backing that Thomas did.  The series ended after one series of memorable and exciting stories, and faded sadly into obscurity in the shadow of its sister series.  However, in the light and rise of forums like Sodor Island, the series has made a comeback in the minds and hearts of fans.  But while the original thirteen episodes have been discussed and enjoyed several times over, with a DVD Campaign in the works to revive it properly, nothing has been done to create something new related to TUGS.

The first TUGS Audio Adventure, Lost, took eight months to prepare for.  Requiring casting arrangements, production and of course, writing the initial script.  The intention of the storyline was to reacquaint the audience with the Star Tugs with a view to reintroducing more characters later in the series.  The storyline follows Ten Cents as he becomes lost in the late night fog on the way home from a delivery with the other Star Tugs searching for him.

The intention of the audio series is to act as a tribute to the quality of the original series, and to act as our interpretation of what a second might have been like.  With adapted themes by ChrisTheXelent, and SFX taken from the series by Christopher and Ryan.

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